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Encash nature and design your dream home with our comprehensive vastu shastra course. Learn about the balance of ecosystem and through Vastu, learn to connect with nature and yourselves.

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Join best vastu course in India by ISA to become a certified vastu consultant and start your vastu consultancy worldwide to become a famous vastu consultant.

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International certification in vastu shastra course validates individual's proficiency and provides global recognition to students in their respective fields.

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Unlock career opportunities through job assistance in vastu course. ISA helps you in career advancement.

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Vedic Vastu Shastra Course in India

Learn to Balance the Natural Energies with Vastu Course

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Vastu Shastra Course is an ancient Indian shastra for designing buildings which helps in making a place to live and work in a most scientific way. Vastu course makes us capable to take advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature for comprehensive growth, enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness of every human being on this earth.

The most powerful and influential in this universe is the Nature because it is the one who helps us grow and it is the one that has the power to destroy us as well. Nature has many powers and energies and which can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success. The rules and principles made using nature and natural forces to take the maximum benefit and to keep a balance between our mind, body and life are collectively known as ‘Vastu-Shastra’ which is covered in this vastu shastra course online.

Learn vastu course to design your dream home as per Vastu principles!

This Vastu Shastra course aims to uncover ways to ensure the continued health and overall prosperity of all habitants of the world in accordance with the nature and natural powers. The aim of vastu course is also to uncover the scientific reasoning behind the main Vastu principles or guidelines.

Join Vastu Shastra Course to Become a Professional Vastu Consultant

Learn Vastu Course in India by Best Teachers

Course Specifications

Best Course Specifications for learning Vastu

         Course : Vastu Shastra
         Certification : Diploma
         Duration : 3 Months
         Classes : 30+ Sessions
         Offer : Free Basic Numerology*
         Mode : Live Online
         Training : Practical
         Study Material : Soft Copy
         Language : Hindi/English
         Vastu Course Fee : Pls Call for Fee Details
On Demand Live Online Personalised Vastu Classes are available for National and International Students. Fast track vastu course is also available.

Benefits of Learning Vastu

Join Vastu Shastra Course Online at ISA and Become a Professional Vastu Expert Worldwide and Earn Independently.

In this Vastu course students will be taught how Vastu principles effect the house and habitants which will prepare them to understand Vastu Shastra and take it as a profession and start designing houses as per Vastu Shastra.

Features of the Vastu Course

We start teaching Vastu Shastra from Scratch – Basic to Advance Level.
Learn the concepts of Vastu Shastra with scientific logics and reasoning.
Know how to setup and give your professional vastu services confidently.
Learn to analyse and give vastu solutions to clients including remedies.
Learn how vastu principles can be applied to build your or client’s dream home.
Become a certified Vastu consultant worldwide after completing Diploma in Vastu.
Vastu Course Curriculum

We Offer Two Vastu Shastra Courses

  • Introduction to Vastu Shastra Course and origin of Vastu.

  • Importance and Objective of Vastu Shastra Course.

  • The Origin Vastu Purush.

  • Instruments used in Vastu Shastra.

  • Types of Vastu and Aim of Vastu:

  • Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu and Religious Vastu.

  • Natural Powers and Energies in Vastu:

  • Solar Energy, Magnetic Force and Gravitational Force.

  • Introduction to Five Elements (Panch Mahabhoot) and their Use.

  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Sky and Relationship between Five Elements.

  • Directions in Vastu: - Modern and Traditional Divisions.

  • Selection of Site: Surroundings and Environment:

  • Testing of Land and Slope of Land.

  • Type and Shape of Plots.

  • Facing of Plots and Adjoining Roads.

  • Extension of Land and Cut of Land.

  • Vedashul - Obstacles and Hindrances.

  • 25 Step, 64 Step and 81 Step Vastu Divisions.

  • Brief Study of Directions of Rooms according to Residential Vastu.

  • Many other related topics…

  • All the topics covered in Level I in Depth.

  • Detailed study of Directions of Rooms according to Residential Vastu.

  • Puja Room, Study Room and Safe Room.

  • Master Bedroom, Young Couples Bedroom.

  • Children Bedroom, Guest Bedroom and Dining Room.

  • Kitchen and Pantry Location.

  • Toilet and Bathroom Zone.

  • Location and Directions for Different Other Spaces:

  • Main Gate, Staircase, Basement, Septic Tank, Boring.

  • Alternative Directions of Different Rooms and Spaces.

  • Direction of Foundation and Height of Building.

  • Commercial Vastu and Principles.

  • Vastu Remedies without Demolition for Residential Buildings.

  • Five Elements Vastu Remedies.

  • Vedic Remedies – Mantra and Yantra Remedies.

  • Gems Remedies and Pyramid Remedies.

  • General Remedies and brief Feng Shui Remedies.

  • Maps and Drawing Discussions.

  • Practical Analysis of Drawings.

  • Many other related topics…

Why ISA is Best Vastu Institute in India

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FAQ’s for Better Understanding of Vastu Course

Queries Answered About Vastu Shastra Course

Who can benefit from learning Vastu Shastra?

Anyone who is interested in creating a balanced living or working spaces as per nature’s guidelines can benefit from this vastu course. This course is specially designed for architects, interior designers, real estate professionals, homeowners, business owners, and individuals seeking personal growth and well-being.

What are the career opportunities after learning vastu shastra course?

Yes, there are many career options after studying Vastu course. You can start your career as Vastu consultants, interior designers specializing in Vastu-compliant designs, work with architects incorporating vastu principles into their designs and setup your office offering products or services related to Vastu Shastra.

Do I need prior knowledge to enroll in a Vastu course?

No prior knowledge is required to enroll in a Vastu shastra course. Our course is designed for beginners as well as those with some background in architecture or interior designing.

Why Should I join ISA for Vastu Course?

- 33 years experienced teacher for vastu course.
- You can become a certified professional worldwide.
- Best support and professional guidance to students.
- You will learn best scientific logics for implementation.
- ISA makes you capable of providing best vastu solutions.

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