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Palmistry Course Online

In this Palmistry course, you'll learn to decode the mysteries hidden in the lines of your palm. You will learn to read lines, patterns, mounts, fingers, shapes and providing potential insights for predicting future events.

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Palm Reading Course Online

Join palmistry course online at ISA and become a world famous Palmist.

Learn Palmistry and Become Internationally Certified

We teach professionally with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in line with international certification and recognition.

Professional Guidance after Palmistry Course

Make a place in the job market confidently with completion certificate in Palmistry course from ISA. Job assistance fuels your job hunt with precision.

Unlock Additional Free Bonuses

Get Numerology Basic Course + Certificate Free with diploma course in Palmistry. Unlock the free course after meeting the T&C*

Every Hand Has a Unique Story to Tell

Best Palmistry Course in India

palmistry course
online palmistry course
best palmistry course in india

Palmistry or Hast Rekha Vigyan is a shastra and branch of Astrology used for foretelling the past, present and future through the study of the palm, also known as Chiromancy or Chirology. Those who practice chirology are generally called as Palmists, Palm Readers, Hand Analysts or Chirologists.

Our Palm is a traceable link between our personality, thoughts and experiences and could be understood through the lines, mounts and signs that are present on our hands. We all know that no two fingerprints are identical. But in fact, the entire hand is unique in its pattern of lines and signs. The lines are unique precisely because each of us has different personal character and traits. Just as we continuously change and evolve, so do the lines on our hands.

Join and learn how to read the hands precisely and in detail!

Study of hand prints provides us with many information about the person like personality, nature, strengths and weaknesses relating to health, life, career etc. We are therefore, likely to make more positive choices and less likely to repeat mistakes. With time, the improvements we make in our lives will register on.

Join Palmistry Course to Become a Professional Palmist

Palmistry Course in India

Course Specifications

Best Course Specifications for learning Palmistry

         Course : Palmistry
         Certification : Diploma
         Duration : 3-4 Months
         Classes : 30+ Sessions
         Offer : Free Basic Numerology*
         Mode : Live Online
         Training : Practical
         Study Material : NA
         Language : Hindi
         Palmistry Course Fees : Pls Call for Fee Details
On Demand Live Online Personalised Palm reading course online is available for National and International Students. ISA offers best Palmistry course in best price.

Benefits of Learning Palm Reading Online

Join Palmistry Course at ISA and Become a Certified Palmist Worldwide and Earn Well.

In this Palmistry course, you’ll learn to master the art of reading lines and predicting the future lies in your hand.

Features of the Online Palmistry Course

Palmistry course starting from Scratch – Basic to Advanced Level.
Learn to read the details on your palm accurately with logics from experts.
Know how to start your career in Palmistry and give predictions confidently.
Learn to analyse the hands and provide solutions to clients including remedies.
Become a certified Palmist worldwide after completing diploma course in Palmistry.
Palm Reading Course Curriculum

We Offer Two Palmistry Course Online

Palmistry Certification Course - Level 1

  • Introduction and History of Palmistry.

  • Karma Theory- Sanchit and Prarabdh Karma, Kriyaman Karma Theory.

  • Relation of Palmistry with Karma Theory?

  • Qualities of a Palmist. Characteristics of a good Palmist.

  • Proper Time, Place and Hand for Palm Reading.

  • Instruments used in Palm Reading?

  • Handprints – Theory and Practical. Types of Hand Prints.

  • Planets / Mounts in Palmistry and Types of Mounts:

  • Identifying and locating the Apex of mounts of different planets.

  • General characteristics of 9 Planets in Palmistry course.

  • Shape of the Hand. 7 Types of Hands.

  • How to measure length and width of the hand?

  • Palm Skin Texture, Color and their effects.

  • Thumb- Length and Shape. Phalange, Angle and Position.

  • Setting of the Thumb: - Low, Medium and High Setting.

  • Bending Angle of the Thumb and result of Island in the Thumb.

  • Name of the Fingers and their Phalanges, Length and Colour.

  • Fingers and related Planets. Different Shapes of the fingers.

  • Average, Long, Short, Square, Spatulated, Conic, Crooked.

  • Length of Fingers. Flexibility. Distance and Hole between Fingers.

  • Basic introduction to the lines in the palm.

  • Primary and Secondary Lines.

  • Meaning of too many lines on the palm and empty palm.

  • Many other related topics…

Advanced Palmistry Course - Level 1+2

  • All the topics covered in Level I in Depth.

  • Meaning of Loop, Arch and Whorl in Fingers and Thumb.

  • Back of the Hand- Hairs and Veins and their meanings.

  • Detailed study of the Mounts – Developed/Undeveloped/Over Developed.

  • Deviation of the Mount and their Meanings. Rings on the Mounts.

  • Types of Palm. Developed and Non-Developed Palm.

  • Shape of the Nails. Markings and Color of the Nails.

  • Diseases indicated by Nails. Lines, Spots and Moon on Nails.

  • Detailed Study of Lines - Primary and Secondary.

  • Characteristics, Form, Quality, Colour and Length of lines.

  • Start and End points of the Lines. Special Marks on the Lines.

  • Life line - Line of Resistance.

  • Heart line - Line of Emotions.

  • Mind line - Line of Intellect.

  • Luck line - Line of Wealth and Karma.

  • Sun Line - Line of Name and Fame.

  • Marriage line - Line of Union and Life Partner.

  • Simian Line and Children line.

  • Mercury Line and Mars line.

  • Travel line, Intuition line and Bracelet line.

  • Timing of Events on Lines.

  • Remedies.

  • Practicals.

  • Many other related topics…

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