Tarot Card Reading Course Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading Course

Welcome to the fascinating world of Tarot card reading! In this tarot course, we will embark on a journey that explores the mystical and symbolic universe of Tarot cards. Whether you are a curious beginner or an experienced tarot practitioner seeking to deepen your understanding, this tarot reading course is designed to cater to individuals of all levels of expertise.

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Join best Tarot Card Reading Course in India by ISA to become a certified tarot reader and start your professional tarot journey worldwide.

Internationally Certified Tarot Reader Course

International certification in tarot reading course have significantly impacted career growth of students and makes them practice anywhere in the world.

100% Job Assistance in Tarot Course

Job assistance in tarot course after completion, paves the path to career success in the field of tarot card reading.

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Get Numerology Basic Course + Tarot Study Material + Certificate Free with online Tarot Course. T&C*.

Tap into your inner wisdom through Online Tarot Course

Master the Art of Tarot Reading with Tarot Course

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Tarot Reading is an ancient divinatory art which uses tarot cards to represent numerous situations in a person's life related to past, present and future. Tarot reading course makes us predict the answers using tarot cards and their symbols. Tarot reading mirrors our past decisions, validates our present situation and projects a probable future for your consideration.
In tarot course it is taught that the future is already fed in a human's sub conscious mind and by meditation and vibrations, we try to achieve the answer through a tarot reading course. In tarot card reading, each colour, sign, number and symbol have its own meaning. This study is specially used in cases of confusion like for knowing about career, marriage or business. When a person is in a delusion, he can use tarot card course knowledge to take a decision.
Join online tarot card reading course and learn to predict through tarot cards!

Tarot is called The Mirror of the Soul. The cards tune into your vitality - the individual posing the question - to provide for you a picture of unseen impacts, struggles, strengths and qualities. In tarot reading course, you will learn how a tarot reading can provide for you a thought of where you are presently, where you've originated from, where you need to be and how to get there.

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Online Tarot Card Reading Course

Course Specifications

Course Specifications for learning tarot

         Course : Tarot Reading
         Certification : Diploma
         Duration : 2-3 Months
         Classes : 25-30 Sessions
         Offer : Free Basic Numerology*
         Mode : Live Online
         Training : Practical
         Study Material : Soft Copy
         Language : Hindi/English
         Tarot Card Reading Course Fees : Pls Call for Tarot Course Fee
On Demand Live Online Personalised Tarot Classes are available for National and International Students. Fast track tarot course is also available.

Benefits of Learning Tarot Reading

Learn Tarot Card Reading Course to Become a Professional Tarot Reader and Earn Independently.

Learn from globally-renowned and experienced tarot reader to gain a perspective on how to develop the best tarot reading quality and intuitive abilities for your professional growth.

Features of the Tarot Course

Learn in-depth meanings and story behind each card for best predictions.
You will learn to read tarot cards like a pro with our expert-guided course.
Master tarot card reading techniques that enhances your professional growth.
Know how to give professional tarot card readings confidently and accurately.
Learn to establish yourself as a leader in the world of tarot reading worldwide.
Become a certified tarot reader globally after completing Diploma in Tarot Course.
Tarot Course Curriculum

We Offer Two Tarot Card Courses

Tarot Certificate Course – Level 1

  • Tarot Cards: Their Use, Effect and Meaning.

  • Origin and History of Tarot Cards.

  • Different Types of Decks and Their Introduction.

  • How Rider Waite Tarot Cards and Tarot Card Reading Works?

  • Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Tarot Reader.

  • Proper Time and Place for Tarot Card Reading.

  • Brief Study of Different Aspects of Tarot Reading:

  • Astrology, Numerology, Colours and Sign Language.

  • How to Build Good Instinct to Perform Tarot Reading?

  • Myths in Tarot and How to Neglect Them?

  • Time period Calculation by Tarot Cards.

  • Brief Study of Major Arcana Cards 0-21 (22 Cards)

  • Brief Study of Suit of Pentacles.

  • Brief Study of Suit of Cups.

  • Brief Study of Suit of Wands.

  • Brief Study of Suit of Swords.

  • Pip Cards and Court Cards in Tarot.

  • Basic Spreads and Shuffling.

  • One Card Spread and Two Card Spread.

  • Three Card Spread and Five Card Spread.

  • Other related topics…

Tarot Diploma Course – Level 1+2

  • All the topics covered in Level I in Depth.

  • Application of Different Aspects of Tarot Reading:

  • Astrology, Number System, Colour Symbolism, Sign Language.

  • Major Arcana Cards 0-21 (22 Cards)-Detailed Study in All Aspects.

  • Pictorial Representation, Divinatory Meanings, Effects and Predictions in a Reading of All Major Cards.

  • Detailed Study and Advanced Predictions of Minor Cards (56 Cards):

  • Charging of Cards and Removing Negative Energies.

  • Increasing Intuition and Self Cleansing.

  • Shuffling, Charging and Cleansing the Cards.

  • Detailed study of different Spreads for Best Tarot Readings:

  • Horoscope Spread, Month Ahead and Year Ahead Spread.

  • Celtic Cross Spread

  • Variety of Three Card Spreads and Triangle Spread.

  • Zodiac Sign Readings (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly).

  • Case Studies and Practical Readings for Practice.

  • Tarot Card Reading for love, marriage, relationship etc.

  • Tarot Card Reading for education, business, career etc.

  • Crystals Used in Tarot Reading.

  • Remedies of each planet in Tarot Cards.

  • Remedies – Astrological, Numerological and General Remedies.

  • Other related topics…

Why ISA is Best Tarot Institute in India

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Frequently Asked Questions for Better Understanding

FAQ’s About Tarot Course

I do not have any knowledge about tarot reading course. Can I join and study?

Yes, we start the tarot course from the scratch and basic level and proceed to further higher levels. Every concept, symbols and meanings are explained to make the tarot card course easy and interesting for the students to understand and learn. ISA provides best tarot card reading course in India and tarot knowledge to students so that they can become best certified tarot reader in India.

Can I become a professional or best tarot card reader near me after doing this course?

Yes, after completing classroom or online tarot card reading classes you can practice professionally and become a best Tarot Reader near me or in your area. Can easily give accurate consultation confidently and earn name and fame in your area.

Will we get a recognised certificate after completing tarot course?

Yes, after completing tarot reading course and an examination you will be awarded a certificate. Our certificate is very valuable and recognised on all online platform in India and abroad and you surely get an added advantage after studying astrology from here as ISA is registered under MSME and also holds ISO 9001:2015 certification.

What is the scope of earning after completing the tarot course?

After completing and becoming a certified tarot reader, you can give personal tarot consultations to your clients or get yourself empanelled on online consulting platforms and earn handsomely. You can take it as a profession and grow with it.

USP of ISA for online courses in tarot card reading?

ISA is ranked among best institute for tarot card reading courses, best tarot card reading centre in India and worldwide. We at ISA, aim to provide best online classes in tarot card reading and thrive to become best tarot card reading Institute in India. Because of our rigorous and continuous efforts, we are named as best tarot card school worldwide by providing top tarot card reading courses online to students.

How to enroll and start with the tarot course?

You can enroll yourself in the tarot card course by filling our Admission form online and submitting your fee. You are good to start and become a part of ISA family. Your astrology classes will be scheduled accordingly and start asap or max. within a month after enrolling and submitting your fee.

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