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Reiki Healing Course

Reiki healing course offers comprehensive knowledge and hands on practice in the healing techniques practically. You will learn how to channelise your energy to balance and strengthen the chakras of your body.

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Join reiki courses at ISA and become a reiki master.

Globally Recognised Certification in Reiki

We teach online reiki course professionally with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in line with international certification and recognition.

100% Placement Guidance

Personalized job assistance for your unique journey in Online Reiki Healing. Job assistance after reiki course guides for your career prospects.

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Get Tarot Basic Course + Self Attunement + Certificate Free with reiki level 1 + reiki diploma certification. Unlock the free course after meeting the T&C*

Strengthen the Chakras and Heal Yourself with Reiki Courses

Best Reiki Classes Online in India

reiki healing course

Reiki healing is known to be a Japanese energy healing technique to improve general wellbeing. This technique has been used for centuries in various forms. It is said that it works with the reiki energy fields around the body. It involves the transfer of energy by laying on hands and special symbols. According to experts, Reiki energy is the power which you get after a sound sleep from 8-10 hours.
Some Reiki specialists will utilize crystals and chakra mending wands, since they discover these can empower recuperating or shield a home from negative energy. Chakra works as supplier of energy in our body. We can charge these chakras for the betterment of our body with the help of Reiki energy.
Improving the progression of reiki energy around the body can empower relaxation, speedy healing, lower pain and diminish different symptoms of sickness and mental problems.
Join and learn how to balance the Chakras in your body!

Balancing the chakras in your body aids in improving your physical and mental health. Your body will experience energy, lightness, a good and balanced mind-set. Reiki Healing is beneficial in removing the barriers in the flow or energy.

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Best Reiki Healing Courses in India

Course Specifications

Best Course Specifications for learning Reiki

         Course : Reiki Healing
         Certification : Diploma
         Duration : 3 Months
         Classes : 20+ Sessions
         Offer : Free Basic Tarot*
         Mode : Live Online
         Training : Practical
         Study Material : NA
         Language : Hindi
         Reiki Course Fees : Pls Call for Reiki Course Fees
On Demand Live Online Personalised Reiki Classes are available for National and International Students. ISA offers best practical reiki course in best price.

Benefits of Learning Reiki

Join Reiki Classes at ISA and Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner Worldwide and Earn Independently.

In this Reiki course, you will learn the required skills, through hands-on practice and guidance of Reiki master, to become a certified reiki practitioner and can provide healing for yourself and others as well.

Features of the Reiki Course

We start reiki classes from Scratch – Basic to professional Level.
Learn the symbols and accurate techniques for best reiki energy flow.
Know how to start as a reiki master and give chakra healings perfectly.
Learn to understand reiki requirements and give healings including remedies.
Learn to do healings in person and virtually to those who are not physically present.
Reiki Classes Curriculum

We Offer Two Reiki Master Course

Reiki Certification Course - Level 1

  • Reiki Healing: Meaning, Origin, Use and Benefits.

  • Principles and Primary Laws of Reiki.

  • How is Reiki uniquely different from other methods?

  • Points to be kept in mind before starting Reiki.

  • What all things to be kept in mind while doing reiki healing?

  • Method of sensitizing Hands in Reiki Healing.

  • Method of awakening the circle of hands and fingers.

  • Washing and Cleaning methods of Hands.

  • What is Aura and methods of experiencing the Aura?

  • Method of Aura Cleaning and how often should we do it.

  • Method of cleaning the entire and local Aura?

  • Methods of increasing or decreasing our Aura.

  • How can we protect ourselves through Reiki?

  • Introduction and understanding of Chakras in our Body.

  • Method of Balancing your own and other’s Chakras.

  • Reiki establishing and closing method after treatment.

  • How often should one perform Reiki in common diseases?

  • How many days should we give Reiki in chronic diseases?

  • 24 Parts Reiki order method.

  • 12 Parts Reiki order method.

  • Method of self-created Reiki sequence.

  • Is it beneficial for us to treat others through Reiki?

  • How to practice Reiki daily according to 1 level.

  • Other related topics…

Professional Reiki Course - Level 1+2

  • Reiki Symbols and how to make it:

  • Cho Ku Rei Ji and Sei He Ki Ji.

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Ji and Long Cho Ku Rei Ji.

  • Understanding of Reiki Attunement.

  • Maintenance Reiki with highest energy using symbols?

  • Rule of Law of Attraction.

  • Rules and method to fulfill your wishes - Wish Pyramid.

  • Method of keeping your car safe.

  • Methods of charging the crystals, water and rooms.

  • Method and important information about eating food.

  • How is remote treatment done?

  • Golden Words of Reiki and rules of Prosperity.

  • Methods to awaken the physical, mental and spiritual powers.

  • Detailed study of working of the chakras.

  • Objects those power can be increased through Reiki?

  • Use of Crystals to increase Reiki energy.

  • Method of charging bathing water.

  • Solution for Headache, Anxiety and Skin Disease through Reiki.

  • Solution for Itching, Fever, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and abdominal pain.

  • Remedies to avoid negative Vibrations and Remedies for Marriage.

  • Scanner for knowing blockage.

  • Dai Ko Myo Symbol and meaning.

  • Method of practicing Reiki according to Professional level.

  • Other related topics…

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