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Numerology Course

In this numerology course you will learn about the numbers, their significance and impact on human life. In this course you will explore the influence of numbers on your life which are present in your date of birth and calculated by your name.

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Join live numerology course online at ISA and become a professional numerologist worldwide.

Globally Recognised Certification in Numerology Course

International certification in Numerology course is recognized in the world and showcase students’ professional's commitment to excellence.

Get Job Assistance on completing Numerology Course

Take guidance from Institute or teachers for better job search. Gain a competitive edge with job assistance after completing numerology course online.

Additional Free Bonuses

Get Basic Tarot Card Reading Course + Study Material + Certificate Free with Advanced Numerology Course. T&C*

Name Change can Bring Prosperity with Numerology Course

Best Numerology Course in India

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Numerology course
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Numerology is a science and language of numbers. Numerology is the study of numbers, their meanings, symbolism and influence on person’s life. It is used to determine a person's personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. By studying numerology, you will be able to find the laws of nature that affects our lives.

• By the study of numbers, we are able to find the laws of nature that affects our lives.
• You can use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next.
• Numerology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better.
• Numerology presents the whole picture, revealing all the diverse parts of your personality and how they come together to create the person you are.
• With this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths with the numerology classes.

Join and learn numerology to take advantage of numbers in your life!

By using Numerology, we can increase the power of the positive numbers by constantly repeating and using it in every action, we can absorb the cosmic energy of that number which will benefit us.

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Best Numerology Course in India for Aspiring Numerologists

Course Specifications

Best Course Specifications for learning Numerology

         Course : Numerology
         Certification : Diploma
         Duration : 3 Months
         Classes : 30+ Sessions
         Offer : Free Basic Tarot*
         Mode : Live Online
         Training : Practical
         Study Material : Soft Copy
         Language : Hindi/English
Course Fees :
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Numerology Fees
On Demand Live Online Personalised Numerology Classes are available for National and International Students. Fast track numerology course is also available.

Benefits of Learning Numerology

Join Numerology Classes at ISA and Become a Certified Numerologist Worldwide and Earn Independently.

In this numerology course, you’ll learn to analyse the core numbers, their meanings, their significance on your personality and life events and how to apply numerological insights for your personal growth.

Features of the Numerology Classes

We start numerology classes from Scratch – Basic to Advanced Level.
Learn the concepts of numerology with logics and reasoning from experts.
Know how to start your career in numerology and give predictions confidently.
Learn to analyse numeroscope and give solutions to clients including remedies.
Learn how numerology can be applied in your life for taking important decisions.
Know about driving force of numbers in your life with numerology classes at ISA.
Become a certified numerologist worldwide after completing Diploma in Numerology.
Numerology Classes Curriculum

We Offer Two Numerology Master Course

Numerology Certification Course - Level 1

  • Introduction to Vedic Numerology.

  • Origin and Growth of Numerology.

  • Introduction to Methods or Systems of Numerology.

  • Pythagorean Numerology, Kabala Numerology, Sepherial Numerology.

  • Chaldean or Cheiro Numerology and Chinese Numerology.

  • Basics of Numerology and Number System Based on Cheiro Numerology.

  • Numbers- Personality Traits and Characteristics.

  • Numbers and Their Ruling Planets.

  • Root Number- Their Nature and Personality.

  • Lucky Dates, Days, Months & Years.

  • Lucky Colours, Profession and Gemstones.

  • Probable Diseases and Precautions.

  • Destiny Number- Meaning and Influence.

  • Name Number- Calculation and Personality.

  • Friendship Table and Relationship between Numbers.

  • Friendly, Neutral and Enemy Numbers.

  • Result of Combined or Compound Numbers (10-80).

  • Name Analysis and Correction for Betterment.

  • Lucky Mobile Number, House Number, Car Number etc.

  • Many other related topics…

Advanced Numerology Course - Level 1+2

  • All the Topics Covered in Level I in Depth.

  • Meaning and Effects of First Alphabet in the Name.

  • Stupank – Name Stupank, Stupank for Questions.

  • Detailed Study of Loshu Grid.

  • Eight Arrows and Success Planes.

  • Predictions Based on Lo-shu Grid.

  • Missing numbers and Their Effect.

  • Repetition of Numbers and their Effect.

  • Remedies in Loshu-Grid and Remedies using Five Elements.

  • Tracking of Lost Articles through Numerology.

  • Muhurat. Finding out an auspicious date to start a new venture.

  • Hora. Hora of different Planets. Importance of Hora.

  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Predictions in Numerology.

  • Marriage Matching. Compatibility with Partner.

  • How to use Numerology for Unknown Date of Birth.

  • Remedies in Numerology Course:

  • Mantra Remedies, Yantra Remedies, Gemstone Remedies.

  • Practical and Case Studies.

  • Practical Application of Numerology for Given Details.

  • Many other related topics…

Why ISA is Best Numerology Institute in India

Key Highlights of Numerology Classes Online

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FAQ’s for Understanding the Numerology Course

Queries Answered About Numerology Course

Benefits of joining ISA for Numerology Classes?

- 24+ years experienced numerology classes trainer.
- Continued support and professional guidance to students.
- You can become a certified professional numerologist worldwide.
- ISA makes you capable of providing best numerology consultations.

Can I become a professional and start earning after learning numerology?

Yes, after completing numerology classes online you can practice professionally or register on online platforms as a numerologist and can easily give numerology consultation and earn a respectable living.

Will we get a recognised certificate after learning numerology?

Yes, after learning numerology and an examination you will be awarded a certificate. ISA is registered under MSME and also holds ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our certificate is very valuable and recognised on all online platform in India and abroad and you surely get an added advantage being an alumnus of ISA.

How to enroll and start numerology classes online?

You can enroll yourself by filling our Admission form online and submitting your fee. You are good to start and become a part of ISA family. Your numerology classes will be scheduled accordingly and start asap or max. within a month after enrolling and submitting your fee.

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